Swastik Yantra


Swastika Pyramid to use for all round prosperity and well being. It protect you from all evils.

This Swastika gives you peace of mind good positive psychic energy since the combination of pyramid energy, power of gold plate and copper plates behind. Front there are five gold plated accurate pyramids to boost the energy of pyramidal energy.

Omnipresent , supreme force with eight elements- Heaven , space, earth, water , medicine, flora, Vishwa deva and Brahma. They spread peace in the universe. Swastik is the symbol of Ashta Laksmi; the divine energy that brings abundance of wealth and prosp

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Swasthik is the symbol of four ends of human existence.

Swastika is the symbol of sun and moon.

Initiation, Brahma swarupa-producer of everything, balance, energy, life and light. For spiritual attainment and worldly pleasures.

Swastik is the symbol of Lord Vishnu and Shri Mahalakshmi.

Omnipresent , supreme force with eight elements- Heaven , space, earth, water , medicine, flora, Vishwa deva and Brahma. They spread peace in the universe. Swastik is the symbol of Ashta Laksmi; the divine energy that brings abundace of wealth and prosperity.

Swastik is the symbol of Lord Vinayaka ( Ganesha or Ganapathi)

Symbol of prosperity, success and wisdom. The destroyer of obstacles. And subh labh.

Mystic Benefits of using this Swastik Yantra.

How to use this Swasthik Preprogrammed Yantra?

Just Place the Swastik Yantra in between your hands and close your eyes with a meditative mind. And try to be with it as it is a part of yourself. You can have your personal wish while doing this. This is already accurately preprogrammed with the power of pyramids and swastika.

Now stick it or fix it with the brass screw provided where ever you like it is suitable. It should be a neat and clean place and it should not look awkward. In office  the most ideal place is behind your seat above your head on the wall.

It is very effective for dynamic places like factories and cash counters. Also ideal in your pooja room. You can have more than one also at a place. But use in a harmonious way.


For thousands of years across many cultures the swastika conveyed and still conveys only positive sentiments. Too many people surprise why the swastika can be found worldwide. It is also integrated in ancient buildings in israel. It can also be found in summary oldest churches, on earth in the Rock Church i've landed Bella ethiopia the buddhists Temples and used a swastika as a spiritual symbol throughout Asia. Today it is shunned in the West due to a lack an understanding about swastikas true origins and meaning .

But mainly because it was hijacked by the Nazis which gave the swastika a tarnished reputation which it does not deserve. Most people are unaware of the fact that the swastika is integrated with the US and north america's past mainly with good luck and well-being in the late eighteen hundreds and early nineteen hundred's as you can see the US accepted the symbol long before the Nazis be found it extensively used in the US as a sign of protectio as stated on this emblem.

It is found also on the early French and US Air Force planes. In the the Finland Air Force and military medals and even on the Finland presidential flag and the US flag referred to here as a sucky star in the US . The swastika was also used on a corporate level on coca cola bottles, American boy scouts and even in mending the early 1900 coins and poker chips not only with a swastika used by the US military and corporations but also by Canadian male and female hockey league' before Americans embrace a swastika. The native people such as the National hollow use the swastika as their spiritual symbols seen here on early rugs carpets and quests even jackie bouvier kennedy can be seen her immediate dress attire.

It was even used in landmarks highway markers and on the look good damn in Arizona built in the early nineteen hundreds also there's a swastika town in Ontario Canada and one in the US Clinton County New York city the swastika is a symbol at the scientist who created us which is why we find it on every continent usually associated with spiritual and peaceful group. The swastika has been a symbol of peace and well-being for millions are Buddhists hindus and for aliens as well as it is their simple infinity time and assemble us eternity discrimination is not only found in Europe and all parts the US it is also found down under in Australia having a peaceful exhibit informing the public and the true meaning at the swastika.