Sujok Magic Roll

Sujok Magic Roll -Su jok Therapy -Acupressure roller is useful for pressure on insect and mini correspondence point.
su jok Therapy  Roller

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Su-jok therapy is a natural treatment system. It has no side effects, it doesn`t require one to undergo any tests and when compared to other holistic and alternate  methods of treatment, it is very  simple and not at all complicated. It is a time tested treatment method that gives accurate and effective results and is economical, and within the reach of every common man. It can also be learnt and mastered by non-medical people and always provides speedy and stable results.

Su-jok therapy usesstimulation and along with it  uses seeds, colours, moxa, stones, micro magnets, finger pressure, crystals, elastic su-jok ring massager, hand and foot massagers and vibrio-stimulators. However, the su-jok therapeutic procedure also calls for some caution. Those wishing to learn su-jok have to remember about 150 points that correspond to various organs of the body.

If a beginner applies pressure at the wrong point, he may end up damaging a nerve. But the good part is that in su-jok, the points are self-revealing. By applying slight pressure the sensitive points can be easily found. Household ailments can be treated easily at home and almost anyone can learn and master it. Thus, with su-jok, prompt relief from pain is only a hand`s throw away!