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multier pyramidAs Great pyramids, miniature pyramids with accurate measurements with empty space inside them increases electromagnetic energy and biocosmic energy also with other forms of energies. These energies and the individual self energy creates interrelated effect, which results into the expansion of consciousness & sub consciousness of an individual.
Pyramid corners represents peacefulness, seriousness, wisdom and truth. Conical part is the symbol of tri-level spiritual power. The northern part of t represents heat, southern part represents cold, and eastern part is for light whereas the western part stands for darkness in a pyramid.
It is accepted that pyramid is a symbol of health and strong energy. The special & accurate shape of a pyramid produces a special energy that helps the body to live in a most spiritual way. Magnetic elements of the earth circulate in the hollow space of a pyramid and that is the reason why dead bodies do not decay in the pyramids. The'Mummies' of ancient times are intact even today without any chemical-procedure, because they were kept in the pyramids. The uses of pyramids bring happiness and prosperity to human life.
Pyramids are strange creations and the wonderful and miraculous power of healing is a surprise. The pyramid and its creation has puzzled and attracted the attention of millions of people around the world for many centuries. Its history, shape and size have been a mystery for many eras. But the most wonderful thing is its effects and functions.
Now practically our scientists and researchers have developed miniature form of pyramids in accurate dimensions to produce the same effect of the natural pyramids and used by millions of people around the globe to solve their problems in life and to get connection with the cosmic energy to lead a peaceful and healthy life.
Pyramids are used to correct the vastu defects ( defects in the construction) of a particular building or room. Pyramids remove blocks in life. Pyramid water is a healthy tonic. Food kept in pyramid is tastier and eliminates the bad effects of food.
Link your mind with the pyramid- No matter whether it is small or big. You are connected to the cosmic energy through the pyramid. Once it is achieved, the pyramid will guide you in your life. It will bring you luck and removes all the spiritual blocks. It will protect you from negative elements and energies surrounding you.