Pyramid Activator

Pyramid activator like egypt pyramids to impart mystical powers to seeds, flower seeds, gems, precious stone, medicine, water etc. You can experiment and test the energy power of pyramids with this experiments pyramid.

Rating: 5/5
Sales price: $95.00


Pyramid activator or experiment pyramid is an amazing miniature pyramid product that works exactly like the old Egyptian pyramid. What ever kept in side the pyramid is energized and will be  fresh after a long time, because of the mystical powers of pyramid that attracts the cosmic powerful spiritual energy because of its exact pyramid angle and construction.

The pyramid activator, attracts the pranic and cosmic energy and vitalises what ever kept inside the pyramid like, seeds, gems, medicine or water. Seeds kept inside the Egyptian pyramid activator sprouts without fails and grows fast and gives good yield.

Gems and precious stones kept inside the egyptian pyramid activator shines well and quality is protected and improved.

Medicines and tablets kepts inside the pyramid protector is more powerful and less quantity is required and there is less side effects and is easily absorbed and responded by human body.

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