Medicine Box Pyramid

Place your daily medicines inside for spiritual help. What happens when you keep your medicines in the pyramid box? The first thing is, all medicines and drugs have side effects. Its side effect will be reduced to almost nil with the pyramid energy. The power of the drug can be increased with the cosmic energy produced in the pyramid. This has been proved in many hospitals who are doing research in cosmic energy and effect on medicine and human health. It is a great help for people who are taking medicines regularly.

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Let us see how the great science of Vastu helps in alleviating people's sufferings by adapting the principles of Vastu to the construction of a hospital complex.

Hospital structure should be such that people coming there for recovery must get recover early with the positivity of prevailing ambience of this organization. However today it rather seems hard because hospitals are being constructed on every site without consideration of direction, location, typography etc. This is the major reason behind the late recovery and problems that emerge at this place.Vastu complaint hospital is one built with essential guidelines and norms such as proper location, direction of rooms, and typography of plot, exteriors and interiors of entire building.

Hospital built with Vastu principles makes people recover easily and quickly without leaving them on risk of developing any other complication. Read out tips for hospital of Vastu:


We have to take care of the following points while studying about the vastu of the hospital. Vastu consultation of hospital involves a thorough analysis.