Fortune Chip

Fortune pyramid chip. It is a versatile tool to give a dynamic start to any new business project. It improves your fortune. It is a fortune500 pyramid.
Fortune Pyramidal Chip for business start and boosting

Rating: 5/5
Sales price: $9.70


Fortune pyramid chip improves your fortune and it gives a  quick start to any new business or project.

How to use this pyramid?

Fix or put the fortune pyramid chip inside the important files, business proposal, business plans or marketing plans.

Fortune pyramid chip   will give a positive outcome with the mystical power of pyramids to attract the cosmic energy.

Fortune pyramid chip attracts luck when installed on books, computers, laptops and lockers.  


Friday, 09 November 2012 Rating: 5
It is really a tool to empower the project or business proposal with the cosmic power. A small effort can make big changes.