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Bracier - Bioceramic (pack of 2)

FIR Brassiere is intervowen with far-infrared rays bio-ceramics for its amazing health-care benefits. It is very effective to cure and prevent breast cancer.
bioceramic bra for breast cancer

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FIR Brassiere is interwoven with bio ceramics.  It is very effective for preventing and curing breast cancer since it can emit bio infra red rays and activate all the blood vessels. Thus removing any chance of breast cancer. It is recommonded to use this proudct for 8 hours daily to prevent breast cancer and related problems that may result in breast cancer.

Washing Method :Do hand wash with mild detergent. Do not squeeze – only drip dry. Do not scrub with a brush or use harsh methods of cleaning.

What is Breast Cancer?


Breast cancer is a tumor that starts in the breast area in the inner lining of the milk ducts or lobules. Breast cancer are of different kinds and with different stages and spread, aggressiveness, and of genetic makeup etc.

Occurrence and survival differes greatly based on those factors with best treatment, 10-year disease-free survival varies from 98% to 10%. Breast cancer ure and medical treatment includes surgery, drugs (hormone therapy and chemotherapy), and radiation.

Breast cancer is the second most common type of cancer, lung cancer being the first. 10.4% of all cancer incidence, both sexes counted, and the fifth most common cause of cancer death in the world. In the year 2004, breast cancer death was 519,000. That is 7% of cancer deaths and almost 1% of all deaths.

Some of the breast cancers need the hormones estrogen and progesterone to grow, and have receptors for those hormones. Those kind of breast cancers are treated with drugs that interfere with those hormones, usually tamoxifen, and with drugs that shut off the production of estrogen in the ovaries or elsewhere. This condition might destroy the ovaries and end fertility. Low-risk, hormone-sensitive breast cancers may be treated with hormone therapy and radiation alone.

Breast cancers without hormone receptors, or which have spread to the lymph nodes in the armpits, or which express certain genetic characteristics, are higher-risk, and are treated more aggressively.

Radiation is usually added to the surgical bed to control cancer cells that were missed by the surgery, which usually extends survival, although radiation exposure to the heart may cause damage and heart failure in the following years.

FIR Bra - Benefits

The Bioceramic- Far Infrared ray emitting Brassiere helps in protecting the female breast and enhances the shape. The breast is an organ filled with mammary glands, blood veins and nerves. The main function is to secrete milk. Whatever stimulates the breast will lead to the rest of the body. Therefore, when the blood circulation to the breast is insufficient, essential nutrients will be reduced in the breast, leading to a deterrent in its development.

During the period of breast feeding, the mothers will find that the milk secreted is less than enough, especially when approaching the stage of stopping breast feeding. As a result, the left over of the milk is not absorbed by the body, followed by the formation of the swollen parts on the breasts, which is the main cause of the existence of mastitis and breast cancer.

The Far Infrared Bioceramic Bra will enhance blood circulation in the mammary glands. It enhances the secretion of milk, maintains elasticity and prevents the formation of swelling. Most of all, better blood circulation will lower the chances of breast cancer. Women are also encouraged to wear the Brassiere to enhance the physical look of their breasts. 8 Hours usage per day is recommended.

Fir and Cancer Prevention

Cancer is one of the top killers in the world. In the past, it was not known what was the cause of this deadly disease which spreads very rapidly, destroying the cells in the process. Once a person has been diagnosed with cancer, the death is very near.

However, in recent times, treatment for cancer patients has undergone tremendous improvement. Under proper and expert medical treatment, patients have their life span extended to five or even ten years. We now know that cancerous cells can be concealed in the human body for many years before they appear. So ‘Cancer is not to be treated, but to be prevented’.

So, what is the best way to prevent cancer especially breast cancer?

Although it is relatively easy for cancer to attack the human body because of external factors, it isn’t easy for the disease to manifest. This is due to our liver and kidneys which rid the body of the poisonous toxins which we have allowed to enter our body.

Therefore, it is essential that our kidney is protected as well as our blood circulation. Bio-ceramics and Far Infrared Rays in our body will certainly aid us in combating the spread of the cancerous cells. As 70% of our body’s blood passes through the kidney, we need to ensure that our blood circulation system is strong.

Although we may think that our body is already strong enough to combat these cancerous cells, it is because we are still young and our body is healthy. But it is inevitable that with age, our bodies become weaker and our immune system will not as strong as when we were young. During this period, cancer cells that are concealed in our body will then manifest.

Does Far Infrared Ray spread and divert cancerous cells?

This is not true! Far Infrared Rays help in improving your blood circulation, people fear that this will lead to cancerous cells spreading faster throughout the body.

Cancer cells are entirely different from the normal cells in a healthy body. Far Infrared Rays will not have the same effect on these cancerous cells. On the contrary, exposure to the rays will actually cause the cancer cells to get eliminated and block their growth. It must also be noted that because Far Infrared Rays enhance the metabolism process in your body, this will improve the immune system, thus, your body is strengthened against the growing deadly cancer cells.

Far Infrared products recommended for cancer patients are the Mattress, Brief and T-shirts. It will be more effective when used alongside other products like the CHITOSAN.