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Bioceramic Head Band

Bioceramic Headband that emits farinfrared rays. Cure for Head ache, Migraine, sinusitis etc. Improves blood circulation in the forehead and temple region.
Bioceramic headband - cure for head ache, sinusitis, migraine
Bioceramic headband - cure for head ache, sinusitis, migraineBioceramic headband - cure for head ache, sinusitis, migraine

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Sales price: $48.00


Bioceramic Head Band is a wonderful and totally natural solution for all kind of head aches including sinusitis, migraine and other common types of head pain and head aches.

The Bioceramic emits far infrared rays that penetrate the human body upto 2 inches and corrects all micro blood circulation and there by it cures all kind of pains in the head region. It is very ideal for maintaining the good health of head region also since it is useful for both patients and healthy persons.

Washing Method : Do hand wash using wild detergent. Do not scrub with a brush or use harsh methods of cleaning. Not to be squeezed. Only drip dry.

How  Head Band and  Far Infrared Rays help a person suffering from headaches?

Almost everybody experiences headaches every now and then. Headaches are symptoms of various ailments. There are far too many reasons causing headaches. These reasons can be divided into the following categories:

a)  Pressure headache – too much tension, stress and worries in the daily life. Sufficient rest will relieve such headaches.

b)  Blood vessel headache – commonly known as Migraine which is caused by tension of the blood vessels leading to the brain. Tension causes the contraction of the blood vessels and limits the supply of blood to the brain. Pressure in the brain drops. When the blood vessels suddenly expand again, the brain is immediately filled with blood and pressure goes up once more. This painful process leads to Migraine.

c)  Serious headache – related to various ailments whereby the patients will need to consult a doctor of proper diagnosis. The common ailments are cerebral hemorrhage, apoplexy of the brain, meningitis and brain tumor.

The use of Far Infrared products are particularly helpful to reduce headaches in the first two categories. It addresses and diminishes problems like Migraine from the root cause.

Long-term use of Far Infrared products will maintain the stability of blood flow in the brain and prevent tension of the blood vessels. At the same time, normal circulation of blood in the brain will deliver sufficient nutrients and oxygen, thus helping to reduce fatigue and stress.

The Far Infrared Pillow Pad, Socks and Shoe-pad are highly recommended to address headache. Although there is a distance between the head and toe, acupoint and passages through which vital energy circulates are connected to each other.

Patients facing frequent headaches are advised to lead a systematic lifestyle, maintain a positive mood and try to stay calm and happy. Liquor, chocolates and coffee should be avoided while intake of vegetables and fruits increased. Patients should also ensure sufficient sleep and rest.