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Super Max Vastu Pyramid

This advanced new Multier vastu Max pyramid is precisely developed to maximize your pyra vastu results for more health & prosperity. Better result in Pyra Vastu obtained by it. Not only by accurate dimensions but also with superfine tuning done by Grand Masters.

Rating: 5/5
Sales price: $170.00


Ideal for vastu correction in flat, rooms & houses. As Multier Max pyramid has great  power of nine original Multier Pyramids, you can use frequently for big projects like Factory, Land, Farm, Hospital etc. It can be used in multiple of 9 such as 9, 18, 27... depending  upon the area & strength of problem you may face.

Secret Features of Super max:

  •  Mutli-Action Max  Top.
  •  Cosmic Harmonizer Max  Plate.
  •  81 Pyra divine, 9 Max  Chips.
  • -9 Copperon programmers on Max  Base.

Pyra Vastu is a unique and revolutionary way in itself in which there is a mixture of ancient intellectualism and experiences of modern age.


We have understood the best intellectually of micro mathematics of Egyptians and we have also well examines their mysterious powers of hypnotism.


We have experienced this mysterious property of multi dimensional shape of pyramid. Temples, Churches and other religious places are the best examples of three dimensional yantra which change your dreams and wishes to reality. Pyra vastu gives beneficial results by collected unlimited powers of pyramid yantra.

Brahma Sthala

The center point of all the things is ‘brahmasthala’. Functions and characteristics have been very clearly shown in this topic. Its base has been considered as the basis of life.

Reach of sun and principles of energy all these activities are being controlled by Lord Brahma who is considered to be the creator of this universe. He is the original source of this whole existence. The better half of ‘Brahma’ is ‘Saraswati’ who is considered to be the source of knowledge.


In the same way, the centre point of Pyramid Yantrais ‘Brahma Sthala’ and it has been preplanned for the benefit of complete health. Its very special goal is to provide success for every field of your life. 

Cosmic Harmony

The moon, The Stars, The Planets and other heavenly bodies affect us because we are living in this universe. In the same way the rising power of earth, affects in sleep. Pyramid – Yantra, which we use in Pyra- Vastu, this biological energy of main-earth, and universe beneficial powers it, harmonies its energy between the grid principle.

Scope of Pyra Vastu

Pyra Vastu use for land, house, man furniture, vehicle and other things.

Every object has its own specific energy scope, which deals with us. Careful selection of these objects and placing them in an appropriate place creates harmony and balance between us. Pyra-Vastu is related to each and everything , which is around us. To understand it in an easy way, we can divide it mainly into five parts.


This is related to house, farm-house, Garden, Religious-Center, Hospitals, factory or crematorium as it depends upon which type of construction is going on what type of land pyravastu is very correct and purposeful.


Due to lack of space, procedure of building – construction is becoming very complicate. This is related to home, factory , Super bazaar, schools, cinema, Health centers and their treatment should also be done differently.


Personal Vastu, provides safety for bad effects of universal powers and harmonizes and balances it. Pyra Vastu treatment is so subtle and accurate that it affects conscience body and spirit.


The countless things that are found in our house and offices reflect their definite properties upon us. As we pass 70 % of our life with these things only, there must be a good harmony between them and us.

Machinery and Vehicle

In this age of electronics and computer, automatic machines have become an integral part of our life. We should also consider these active subjects and things, seriously.

We can study any of the countless practices that affects the fields related to our general routine.

Before using Pyra Vastu, three steps are very important :

Intense will

You must possess intense will within yourself related to it and should have deep faith for attaining your purpose.

Pyramid Yantra

A Yantra which is made by a scientific method.


Complete and detailed knowledge is compulsory to fulfill your wish.

Pyramid Yantra : The best remedy for architecture faults.

Pyramid creation is an important factor for solution for architectural faults.

According to Vedic Geometry, Triangle represents stillness where as sky scrapping pointed tops represents certainness and progress. Pyramid is made up of four triangles by which stillness and progress is increased four times. So, for architecture faults, pyramid Vastu is an effective solution.