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Staircase Pyramid For Vastu Correction (set of 3)

Do you know the direction of Staircase? It should be in clock wise as per vastu principles and the number of steps should be odd numbers and not even numbers. If not so there is problem. But don't worry, it can be corrected by staircase vastu correction pyramids without any demolition or alteration in your house or office. Here is the vastu correction tips for staircase vaastu

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Staircase and vastu principles.

Staircase should be in clockwise direction:

The first rule is that the staircase should be in clock wise direction. If it is a round staircase, it is simple , but when it is straight, you should follow the vastu rule which has been invented and followed for centuries, by those who know the vastu secrets. When you climb a staircase, it should go up to the right side. But, opposite direction is a defect and need to be rectified.

No need to do any costly demolition or alteration as advised by some vastu consultants.

In both the cases ( Not clockwise or not odd numbers) fix a set of 3 staircase pyramids in the first 3 stairs to solve the problem.

Staircase pyramid structure-foranticlockwise-evennumbers

The picture explains how to fix the set for anticlockwise or even numbered steps in a staircase.