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Swastik Gold

This unique swastik is an auspicious symbol of fortune and wellness. With added power of 75 Pyramids, 17 Red Pyramid grid.

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Swastic is an cross bent at right angles - SWASTIK is always right facing meaning "POWER /SHAKTI".
  • The usage of swastik as a symbol dates back to Indus valley civilization.It is ideal to be kept on doors ,cupboards .
  • It is used as a symbol at the entrance of the house bringing in rays of the divine.
  • This symbol is consiered divine by Chinese as defined in their Kangxi Dictionary.
  • Nazi's used this symbol to draw luck and symbolize ARYANS.
  • It is also considered divine by the Buddhist monks and followers of Buddhism.
  • Just place your Swastik between hands with positive mind & program it or personalize with personal wish. Now stick it or fix it with brass screw wherever you require.
  • Feature consists power of 729 inbuilt Pyramids in grid of 81, Red Swastik Pyramid grid & bottom activator with 8 Copper + 1 Gold energy radiator. Also added power of 5 Gold Pyramids for vital Pyra Centers. It can be used in multiples of 3 and 9 at a time for Vastu & Pyra Vastu.


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