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The Wish Pyramid


Wish Pyramid is totally an amazing instrument. Wish pyramid is a mechanism for concentrating unseen psychic power, discovered as a source of mystical spiritual energy.

wish pyramid to fulfilll your wishes. wishes come true. god bless

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pyramid cosmicenergyWish Pyramid is totally an amazing instrument. Wish pyramid is a mechanism for concentrating unseen psychic power, discovered as a source of mystical spiritual energy. Wish pyramid is being tried for making your dreams come true with your own power. It helps to fulfill your reasonable wishes and also helps to harmonize your relationships with others and to make your environment lively, happy and vibrant .

Wish Pyramid is a combination of copper plate with pyramids, copper dome & pyramid chips. Wish pyramid is made up of neutron material, it is accurate in dimensions, neutral in property, anti-corrosion material and long lasting.

Due to the conical shape of pyramids in a particular and exact angle, they absorb the topmost celestial cosmic energy inside themselves. The space inside pyramids increases and vibrates the electro-magnetic energy and the bio-cosmic energy along with other forms of energies present inside.

Wish pyramid is a way to make your dreams come true. Wish Pyramid Yantra is very personal, effective and easy to use.


1. With red colored ink, write your wish on a 70x70 mm triangular white paper . To get more result, begin with the name of almighty God in which you have total faith. Please make sure that your wish is reasonable, valid and acceptable to your conscience.

2. After that fold the paper into 2 folds and place it under the cosmic copper dome of the wish pyramid, lock it and place the pyramid over it and press it so that it is attached to the base firmly.

3. The next step is activating the wish pyramid with your pray and mediation. Sit peacefully in a calm place and quiet place not disturbed by anybody. ( Preferably North-east side of your house , room, business place or office). Then hold the wish pyramid in the left hand and place the right hand above the pyramid with a relaxed mind.

4.Now mentally repeat your wish for 3 minutes and place the wish pyramid in a safe and personal place. ( preferably North-east).

5. This process should be continued twice daily until you get a start and your wish is fulfilled.

6. For strengthening your wishes - while repeating the wishes every day, sit East faced for Love, Peace, Spirituality, Happiness, Satisfaction, Fame and Prosperity. Sit West faced for Health and Interpersonal relations. Sit North faced for Money, Goods, Land, Buildings, Authority, Jewelries, promotion, business, comfort and facility. Sit South faced for safety from anti parties and enemies and from their misdeeds.

7. Never try to harm any person using the wish pyramid since you are using the power of cosmic energy and the individual psychic energy and it is against the law of universe.


pyramid energy1. You can keep the Pyramids in any room. Pyramids will destroy all negative forces and energies created by TVs, Fridge, etc and convert them into positive energy. This is really mystic and the modern science has no idea about how it happens.

2. Keep a pyramid on study table. Students get more concentration in their studies.

3. Place a pyramid on your office table. It helps to get a more clear, strong and steady frame of mind in your work. It gives clear answers to your day to day business problems. Always link your mind with the pyramid to receive the cosmic energy and vibration.

4. It helps to solve Delayed marriages, Un-Employment, Decrease in trade and business, misunderstandings in the family etc.

5. Using pyramid, vastu defects can be rectified without demolition. Keep the pyramids inside the incorrectly build Kitchen, toilet or room. The ill effect can be rectified to a greater extent unless there no serious vastu defects.

Pyramids an unsolved mystery!

A veil of mystery still lies over the pyramids, despite all the research and studies done to date, we still do not know with any certainty how they were really constructed. It has been a strange fact that the ancient Egyptians have left no trace of their techniques and methods only the hypotheses are there with us to consider.

Pyramids are strange creations and their wonderful and miraculous power of healing is a surprise even for scientists. The pyramid and its creation has puzzled and attracted the attention of people for many centuries. Its history, shape and size have been a mystery for many eras. But the most wonderful things of it is effects and functions.

Why they were made ? Why this particular shape was chosen ? How does it work ? What are pyramids ? Is it a message left by Gods and Goddesses ? Is it a museum for the earth’s past and future ? Is it an art for concentrating invisible heavenly powers ? or an astronomical observatory ? is it something more than mere a tomb ? Whatever it may be, it has always been fascinating to us.

Many of the above questions come often to our mind and we get curious for their answers. Whenever we talk or think about pyramids its gigantic image comes before our eyes.

Few years ago the dead of body of an Egyptian princess Mene, was examined, which was kept, thousands of years ago in pyramid. After the examination it was discovered to our great surprise that her skin cell were still functioning although she was dead nearly 3000 years ago. Isn’t it miraculous ?

Scientists thought at one time, that mummification prevents decay of the dead body cells of the mummies kept within Pyramid Space.

So why did the Egyptians create such an unusual and massive Pyramid structure to place the mummified bodies ?

And even more pertinent question was : - How did they create such a massive structure, 5,000 years back, without the modern day technology and equipments ? Because all the engineers of the world today – together cannot re-create the Great Giza Pyramid – They neither have the technique or the equipments to do so.

Its functioning power is still an unsolved mystery to us, though lot of researches are being done constantly.

Energy of pyramids

A new science namely, Pyramidology is developing to solve the mystery and creations of pyramids. Special shape of pyramids is an abode of heavenly powers and unsolved mysteries. Its shape is so wonderful that it can be said the best manmade creation of the whole universe. Deep and powerful energy of mini-universe is concentrated here, which effects both the living and non living things.

All the pyramids have been made over the line of North-South pole; this is also scientific mystery. According to the shape and dwellings of pyramids, we can imagine that there is an imperceptible celestial relation between the earthly-magnetism and cosmic-waves with this especial creation. The line, which connects the North-South poles, is magnetic line of the earth. Magnetic powers are directly connected to electric-waves. By this, we can calculate that founders of ‘Vastu’ have made this type of creation to get the effective and favorable energy out of this universe.

There are electrical magnetic powers inside pyramids. This cosmic energy is so strong and powerful that it helps the objects to stay fresh for long-long times. Its strange geometrical construction produces especial type of energetic flows and miniature microwaves signal are constantly vibrating.

Now it has been proved that there is definitely a deep relation between any earthly shape and mystical energy of universe. By planning appropriate geological shapes we can give speed to any process or we can also make it slow.

Our earth is a great iron-magnet. The earth revolves on its axis along with revolving round the sun. Due to this speed of earth, a dynamic power-weight is created. Magnetic power inside the earth is controlling this great dynamic power. This magnetic power effects not only surface of the earth but also places far over the sky and its relative areas. This power-weight is called energy that is the cause of existence of the earth.






Thursday, 01 November 2012 Rating: 5
A time tested product that has helped many to fulfil their wishes. Use the product with a positive and relaxed mind for better results.