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Main Door Energizer Pyramid ( One Pair )

Main door- Entrance - Energy activator and enhancer pyramid for energy and protection. Main door vastu correction for home and apartments. Fix on both sides of the main door to correct vastu problems for main door. And to activate the main door.
Main door energizer Activator Pyramid

Rating: 5/5
Sales price: $12.20


As per the vastu principles, the energy or pranic chi of the main door is very important and the dynamism and prosperity of a office or home. This main door activator pyramid set will help six activate and energise the energy point of your main entrance.

Fix the pyramids on ither side of the main entrnce to get the benefit of the spiritual energy that is created by the Main door energy activator pyramid.

This is a  very popular tool  in vastu correction methods and fengshui.  Additionally, you can fix a paua protect pyramid on the top of the main door to achieve maximum benefit and protection.

With this tool, you can activate your main door energy. No Ndays, this is a must for all the offices and home. It will attract more wealth and peace in your business or home.

As Per feng shui - the main entrance is called "the mouth of Chi", and a a good entrance or main door  attracts the maximum positivie energy and nourishes  well the house you live in  or the ofiice you work. This will provide you with the best quality of energy to nourish and sustain good health, happy relationships and business success.

Theeffort of attracting the best spiritual energy to your home or office is wasted if your main entrance does not have the power to attract and activate the chi or energy. You need to spread the goodenergy inside your home and that is coming from the main door.

The basic theory of Energy flow

Energy flow is invisible to the naked eye, but are real and is proven by our ancestors who have great knowledge in vastu, fengshui and astrology. If you understand the energy flow at your premises, home or office, you can activate and reenergize the effect to achive miraculous results. This is the basic principle in practicing vastu and pyramid techniques or fengshui methods. To understand energy flow, one should think in a way the water is flowing. Normally it spreads like water , but it goes more where there is more attention. And the main source of energy to your home is main entrance or main door. From there it spreads to all inside the home or office.

With this idea in mnid, you may start thinking about the flow of energy that enter inside through the main entrance and the flow afterwards. Where it goes next and the quantity and effectiveness.

Ideally we want the energy to come inside, go and spread in each and every corner with a swirl motion to give energy brightness, happiness and peace. We don't want the energy entered to be stagnant or we don't want the energy to be rushed like a storm. We want it to be like a breeze or mountain stream.

How can you tell that in which the direction in which the energy is flowing? So whether it is flowing or stagnant? One way to find out the flow of energy is that when people enter your home or office, watch the direction that normally move. The would be the direction of energy flow. If the energy is stagnant, the people inside including you would feel discomfort, laziness and lack of energy. Also you'll feel drained, unfocused and depressed.

Never block the entrance with furniture or other fixures inside the room. Give free way inside so that the pranic energy comes inside easily and swirls around.