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Dhoop Made of Sambrani (set of 3 Boxes-72 Nos)

Sambrani Dhoop is the finest energy purifier of atmosphere. Pure and Natural. It is traditional Dhoop. Set of 3 Boxes. Each Box contains 24 Pieces. Total 72 Pieces. Just show it to a match stick fire for 10 seconds. It will start fuming itself. The entire room is filled with vibrant spiritual energy in just another 10 minutes and the energy and smell remains another 24 hours. Sambrani is the best way to remove negative energy.

Rating: 5/5
Sales price: $27.00


Sambrani also called styrax resin is derived from the bark of a tree and is used in perfumes, incense and dhoops. The main component is Benzoic acid. It has a distinct smell. You would perhaps be remembering the great smell of sambrani if you have lived in South India. It is called 'Sambrani'. It is very different from the North Indian 'dhoop' which is having a different smell.

The smell of Sambrani amazing and spiritual. It is positive, uplifting, vibrant. Sambrani powder is always sprinkled on glowing red charcoal normally. Now it is available as dhoops also ease of use. The fumes which come out releases an aroma and it slowly spreads all across the room. The fumes cleanses the energy and air in the surroundings and the happiness that gives is beyond explanation. Sambrani is of the best gifts from nature and is rarely known to the world.

The women of Kerala( India) , in the ancient times, used to dry their wet hair with these fumes, after a bath. It would give a scent the hair and also prevent scalp infections.

The fumes of sambrani can kill all negative energies and gives ecstasy and an ever expanding mind. 

How to Use this product:

Light up the tip of the dhoop with a match stick and hold it against the fire for 15 seconds. It will start fuming. Then keep it in the provided small iron plate. It will continiously emit fumes for another 30 minutes. That fume is sufficient to cleanse and energise the atmosphere for the whole day. 


Wednesday, 31 October 2012 Rating: 5
Sambrani is also a part of Javanese-Balinese Hindu culture in Indonesia. I put sambrani powder, mixed it with some rock sugar, and put in the burning charcoal pot. Then you will experience a unique combination of sambrani and caramel fragrance. I also add original sandalwood powder to it. You will have a mystical experience of celestial world.I also use the smoke for scenting water and fabrics for holy offerings to deities in the temples while doing pooja and other offerings.