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Magnetic Water Maker

Magnetic water stand is used to charge the normal water as magnet water. The rain water or natural water is really magnetic water, but when transmitted through the steel pipe, it loses its natural magnetic power. Magnetic will clean all the organs of the body and will wash excessive uric acid calcium deposit and cholesterol from the body and even excess fat. This water is energetic and provides energy to the body. It is best to wash the body for any skin diseases.

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Magnetic water maker

Magnetic field and its influence on water : While experimenting, is it seen that the magnetic field increases the centres of crystallization in fluids. Properties of water like density, viscosity, surface tension, electrical conductivity and many chemical properties like pH, nitrogen ion concentration etc undergo changes when exposed to a powerful magnetic field. Such water is called ‘magnetized water’.

Many experiments have been conducted to find out the effects of magnetized water on living as well as non-living beings.

The What Magnetized water can provide you?

  • Magnetized water favorably affects the health.
  • For most diseases especially those of the digestive,  the excretory and the nervous systems, magnetized water is very helpful.
  • It improves digestion, reduces gastric acidity and  cures flatulence.
  • Magnetized water is useful in constipation as well. Magnetized water relieves women of their menstrual problems.
  • Magnetized water prevents the deposition of cholesterol on  the inner surface of blood vessels. It has also been seen to decrease      cholesterol deposits when used for  a long period.
  • Magnetized water improves blood supply and nutrition to  the various organs, including the heart.
  • Magnetized water is a diuretic and is helpful in kidney ailments.
  • For a person suffering from anuria (no urination), when given magnetized water at intervals of ten minutes, experiences relief in      an hour or two.
  • Magnetized water can dissolve stones in the urinary system.
  • This water strengthens and invigorates the natural  resistance power of the body. Hence it is useful for the treatment of      viral diseases, common cold, influenza, cough, ,asthma and most other  diseases.
         There is a place called Evian in France, where people from all over Europe      flock. Springs in Evian are believed to relieve joint troubles, obesity and urinary disorders. This ‘Evian water’ is even bottled and sold all      over France.
  • It finds a place in all homes and hotels of France. This ‘Evian water’ is nothing but naturally magnetized water. In our      country, too, there are such springs where persons in ill-health flock to regain health.
         Like water, milk too can be magnetized and its nutritional value enhanced.

How to make magnetize water using this equipment?

Keep a vessel over the magnetized water maker which is preferable copper, stainless or glass.It should be kept for 24 hours. However, water influenced for 12-14 hours can also be used.

Usually, water influenced by both the poles (north as well as south) simultaneously should be consumed for better result.

For preparing such water, two magnets should be placed on either side of a bottle containing water such that the north pole of one magnet faces the south pole of the other magnet.

Water, magnetized by only one pole, may have to be used in specific problems.

For example, in hyperacidity or gastric ulcer, water magnetized by south pole alone should be used.

On the other hand, for sluggish digestion, water magnetized with north pole alone can be used.

It should be noted that for magnetizing water, the magnets are to be kept in contact with the water-bottle from outside; they are not to be immersed into the water.

Magnetized water should not be heated or kept in a refrigerator.

Once influenced by magnets, the water remains magnetized for about three to four days.

The dosage of magnetized water : Magnetized water should be taken three to five times a day, in doses of about 100 ml (half a glass). Small children may be given a lesser quantity of water each time.
Magnetized water can also be used to wash eyes, to cleanse wounds and burns and flush the intestines (through an enema).