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Eye Belt - Pyramidal

Magnetic Healing eye belt pyramidal. It is a combination of pyramid and magnetic healing.
Magnetic Healing eye belt pyramidal

Rating: 5/5
Sales price: $9.00


Magnetic Eye Belt with multi-energy is designed with combination of Magnetic, Color & Pyramid therapy to provide you natural & safe treatment and total eye relaxation.

The magnetic healing eye belt contains bipolar magnets. It is aligned along acupressure meridians to improve metabolic activity, blood circulation and oxygen level of each cell. There is no side effects.

This belt is also enriched with power pyramids to harmonize cosmic energy and increase healing properties.The magnetic pyramidal eye belt helps to relieve pain and discomfort, also increases energy level and enhances effectiveness.


• It is valuable in treatment of eye stress, far sightedness, Old age sight.
• Fix the Eye belt and then  close your eyes and  visualize that a feeling of well being at the afftected part is taking place.
• Slow, deep & rhythmic breathing is important in manipulating the energy flow.
• Soothing music, mantras or holy prayers can accelerate the healing.