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Kuber Goblet Lamp

Kuber Goblet Lamp

Height - 3"

Weight - 100g

kuber goblet lamp for sale

Rating: 5/5
Sales price: $7.60


Kuber Lamp in Goblet style. It is wonderful to see the lamp in the dark. There is provision to put wick and oil inside. Kuber goblet lamp, with a small wick at the end, will remain for hours.

The Kuber goblet lamp is elegant in look and can be placed in home or office. Since there is cover, it won’t lit off if there is a wind blowing. In Hindu mythology, Kuber is the- God of wealth. God Kuber is worshipped by trading or business communities in India and still continue to worship him on Diwali. Lord Kuber maintains the treasures on earth and protects the rich treasures inside the earth.

Kuber is also known as ‘the god of Yashas’. Kuber is mostly worshipped in the form of spiritual Yantras. The powerful Kuber Yantra brings distinct change in one’s fortune and luck.

The followers of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism worships Kuber as the god of wealth. Kuvera is the ancient deities of India who itself are the guardians and protectors of the land like Yaksha. Kuvera is the guardian of North direction of the earth and supervise all the other yakshas.