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Incense Holder -Wooden

Wooden Incense Holder Box- convenient to use without any problem of ash.
Wooden incense holder box for burning incense

Rating: 5/5
Sales price: $12.00


Wooden Agarbathi/Incense box for holding and burning the incense. Most convenient way of burning incense. Made of good quality wood.

Wooden Incense holder is crafted in fine quality wood and unique in design. Incense will stay lit indefinitely unless the player puts it out. The incense box sits neatly on most surfaces.

This incense burner features a floral pattern down both sides. It can burn two incense sticks or two incense cones at the same time. It has a storage compartment in the bottom for your incense sticks. This one is a must for all those who love divinity but with a touch of class.

The ash while burning the incense or agarbathi is collected inside the box. So there is no issue of ash around and cleaning.

The act of lighting agarbathi, which represents the element of air, keeps unwanted energies away from the surroundings and offers sweet air to the God and Goddess; raises vibrational rates and summons energies; relaxes the senses; and contains and concentrates power. The act of burning incense/agarbathi or other substances is also known as carrying our wishes up to the God and Goddess.

Incense burners are great way to burn incense sticks, cones, resin incense, tibetan incense, or herbs. Light them up one by one for a perpetual aroma therapy or all at once for an aroma explosion.