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Dhoop Arti with Wooden Handle Brass

Dhoop Arti with Wooden Handle. Made of first quality brass.
Brass dhoop arti with wooden handle for sale

Rating: 5/5
Sales price: $8.00


Dhoop Arti with Wooden Handle Brass - Height - 3" . Weight - 110g

Brass aarti deep with wooden handle is very attractive, affordable and easy to use for performing arrti while doing pooja or homam.

Arati is a significant offering in Hindu worship. While doing arrti pooja, an atmosphere is created with the resounding music of auspicious musical instruments. Arati/aarti leads to the high concentration of the total congregation of spiritual particels. The necessary atmosphere with utmost concentration is produced . Arati, as an ultimate expression of devotion, has become respected by devotees and the people to look upon it as a necessary contributive form of worship.

Arati/arti is an indigenous or Dravidian word and auspicious five lamps, incense, and lighted wicks are its different forms.

How to Do Aarti ?

kumbh-mela-doing-arti-pooja01. Blow the conch (shankh) 3 times before starting the aarti.

02. After blowing the conch, start to sing the aarti.

• Aarti should be sung with the spiritual emotion that ‘God Himself is in front of me and I am pleading fervently to Him’
• You should know the meaning and sing arti.
• When singing the aarti, the pronunciation of the Sanskrit words needs to be as per science of spirituality to get the maximum benefit and vibration.

03. You can clap rhythmically while doing aarti.

• Sadhak/devotee at an initial level: Clap softly to match the rhythm
• Sadhak/devotee at an advanced level: Try to be introvert by not clapping.

04. Play musical instruments as well while singing the aarti.

• Ring the bell so that the sound is melodious and the sattvikta is maintained.
• Gong, drums and harmonium should be played in rhythm and harmony.

05. Aarti plate should be moved around God in a rhythmic and clockwise direction.

• The aarti plate should be moved around God in a clockwise direction completing a circle.
• The plate/thali should be waved between the Anahat and Ajna chakras.

06. After the aarti, do ‘jayghosh’ of the deities.

07. After this do camphor aarti, which is very powerful and pleasing both to God and devotee.

08. After the camphor aarti, devotee must take the aarti by keeping the palms of both hands on the lit lamp and then move the right hand from top of the head in front to the bottom of the neck. If for some reason one has not done the camphor aarti then one can take aarti by putting the palms of their hand on the ghee lamp.

09. After taking the aarti, say the prayer ‘tvamev maata…’

10. After the prayers offer fresh flowers and ashtakas.

11. Thereafter do circumambulation. If it is not possible to do around God do it around your own self three times.

12. After circumambulation pay obeisance to God with an attitude of surrender and then say your prayers.

13. Then take tirtha (holy water) and apply vibhuti (or incense stick ash) between your eyebrows.