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Acupressure seat -General

Acupressure massage seat is cushion or pad which can be put on any office chair or car seat. The hemispherical strong balls relieves you from heating up of base and gives you cooling effect.

Rating: 5/5
Sales price: $24.00


Acupressure massage seat  is fitted with semi balls throughout for support and it is an ideal solution for heating up problem. As a result of heating up, you feel discomfort, become sleepy and develop head ache and tiredness. Acupressure massage seat is ideal solution for heating up of base. It helps in balancing the bio-energy of the body. It can be used in office chair, home or car seat.


  • Acupressure massage seat helps in Body Massage and also used im meditation.
  • This acupressure seat is especially made for meditation center & executive class.

Technical Details

  • Acupressure seat can be used on Office Chairs, home and  car seats.
  • Complementary to  medical problems like - Sciatica, Piles & Urinary troubles.
  • Acupressure seat  improves sitting & working capacity.
  • Very helful for those who are having back ache and spinal problem.
  • Other uses are massages the body to get cooling effect, relieves fatigue & avoid sweat.
  • Acupressure seat helps to improve your  posture.
  • Size : 12" x 12"

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